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Taking photos for weddings ,ads. etc. as a freelancer - mostly using sony MIII camera 2 year work experience on pyupah company.


A well-designed website with interactive features is essentially what web design is all about. I can assist you in creating a website that is pertinent to your interests and line of work.


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Everyone is struggling to choose the best creative ideas for their company, but Pyupah was started to provide them with the best creative works.

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Logo & brand identity design.

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Digital marketing has advanced to the point where a huge variety of specialists advise firms on how to create or implement successful strategies. Consider hiring a skilled and adaptable digital marketing consultant if you’re new to the field, lack experience, or have limited resources.


Definitely. Even while many businesses still view digital marketing with scepticism, neglecting it prevents your company from reaching the media that most consumers use as their first stop and at all hours of the day.

their own horn being blown. Of course, generating leads is marketing’s main objective. But in the era of digital media, a brand-centric, pushy attitude turns people away from your business. Focus on your customers when promoting.

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